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6 cara meningkatkan traffic

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6 cara meningkatkan traffic

Post by Admin on Sun Dec 19, 2010 10:57 pm

Make sure, for novices, to read our guide on "How to start with your forum" first.
Here are the main sources of traffic for your forum:

6 Steps

1- Search engines

are some steps not to be overlooked if you want to place your forum in a
good position on search engines. First of all, register your forum on
the main search engines : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Indicate to search engines the main subject of your forum by completing the metatags.

• Insert at the beginning of the title of your forum and its
description, keywords related to the main subject of it (eg if your
forum talk about football, you have every reason to place this keyword
in your title description if you want to put all chances on your side to
appear prominently in search engines. Your forum title must be between
50 and 70 characters (including spaces) and your description between 100
and 250 characters (including spaces) .

• Do not forget to
complete the keywords in your forum and variations (eg with football, it
will be interesting to insert your keywords football, football league
championship soccer team football, etc.

Let search engines access your content !

• Indeed, search engines behave as a guest, if your guests do not
have access to the contents of your forum, search engines also cannot
access it. The consequences are very serious for your SEO, your pages
will not appear in search engines, you will lose a big source of
audience for your forum. We strongly advise you to let guests read your
topics and messages.

contents of your forum (topics, messages) is of great importance for
your listing, regular search engines will read your topics and messages.
This action, done by a small program (robot or crawler), allows them to
view your pages in their search results with keywords they have
identified by reading the contents of your forum.

• To
display your forum on the keywords you have chosen (eg football league),
you should add, without exaggeration, your keywords in the title of
your subjects or categories in your messages.

• For your
forum to be considered high quality and interesting, create a maximum of
content related to the main topic of the forum and keep it updated.
Write articles, tutorials, support, news, debates and this will increase
your chances of appearing prominently in search engines.

Avoid / Prevent special characters (eg \ ==> V01TuR3 <==/), SMS
language and spelling. These are obstacles to expanding your forum both
for visitors who are annoyed by the errors and other languages SMS or
Search engines that cannot index many pages on your forum because of
special characters etc..

2- Banners/links exchanges

Voici les avantages que vous aurez si vous effectuez correctement les techniques suivantes :

Links exchange : Top ranking in search engines
Increase audience from search engines hearing sites with which you performed the exchange.

Banners exchange : Audience from sites with which you made the banner exchange.

Create the greatest possible exchange links with sites that talk about
similar topics of interest or the same type of users your forum. The
more you do trade, more search engines will think your forum is
important and you have a hearing.

The most important when doing a
link exchange is the link text. It is imperative to place a keyword
from your forum. If your forum talks about Ferrari cars, you will have
to choose a keyword such as "Ferrari cars".

The more the links
you make are relevant and consistent with the main subject of your
forum, more search engines will think your forum is also relevant and
will place it in top positions in search results.

Do not hesitate
to place links to larger sites speaking of the subject of your forum
(eg a link to the official FIFA forum for football), search engines like
this kind of action.

Be careful not to exaggerate, if your forum
is dedicated to the exchange of link and has virtually no content, it
is likely that you get the opposite of what you are looking for.

The exchange banners are much less interesting than link exchanges.
Indeed, the banner exchange does not affect the referencing in the
search engines. The only advantage is that you stand out a link and
drain more easily the audience from the partner site to your forum.

3- Gather your friends, colleagues, family and in general all the people around you

Use our tools to send to all your Facebook contacts, MSN, Gmail, etc., an invitation to visit or join your forum.
You can also enter multiple emails and send them a personalized invitation.

Encourage your members to do the same thing, they also have this
feature and can invite their contacts to Facebook, MSN through their

4 - We recommend you to initially choose the category of the directory which Forumotion closest to the main topic of your forum.

step is to be done in the administration panel of your forum. This will
allow your forum to be better referenced and attract visitors to your
forum also.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Once this is complete, you must register on general and specialized directories. Example: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] ...
get more results by registering on specialized directories in the main
subject of your forum. Indeed, users who go on this type of directory
and then go to your board are more likely to become members than the
user from a generalist directory.

Avoid registering on
directories that ask you in return to place a banner or link on your
forum. You get few results. In reality, it's the directory that you
reference by placing banner or link.

5- Some final advices to put into practice to avoid making common referencing mistakes

Avoid Automatic Referrals: That you reference them by placing their links or banners.

Also avoid directories that require you to place their banner or link
you have very little benefit. Again, it's them that you reference.

not add music or graphic effects on your forum, it will scare away your
visitors. If they want to listen to music, they most certainly have
what they need on their computers. As graphic effects, they don't
impress nobody, but makes reading your forum unbearable.

Do not use free domain names providers such as ".,., or.
Tart etc.. ». . You will be frowned away by search engines, and lose
positions on them.

Place your
content (as subjects, messages, etc..) Keywords related to the main
topic of your forum. Be careful not to exaggerate, you risk being
penalized by search engines.

6- A few last tips

Ask your members, moderators to help you in promoting your forum.

If you are registered on social networks, feel free to talk about your
forum on these services, create groups, FANS page. This inevitably
drain visitors to your forum.

Learning By DOING
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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